Certificates of conformity GOST R

Certificates of conformity GOST R (Russian State Standards)

Russian Certification Center "Certificate Consulting" has extensive experience in preparing of certificates of conformity.

This document certifies that the product meets the requirements for a quality and safety, prescribed in such regulations as GOST R ISO, GOST R IEC, GOST-R, etc.

The certificate of conformity of products is one of the most important documents in the certification system. Perhaps that is why he has so many names: certificate of quality and safety, and certificate of Rostest (Organization for Certification and Metrology) and of customs.

There are two types of registering this document: "yellow" (required) and "blue" (voluntary). Each has its own characteristics.

Mandatory Certificate of Conformity

3 This document is printed on the yellow color form and that’s why is known as "yellow."

It’s necessary to prepare a list of documents on the basis of which experts of "Certificate Consulting" will choose the optimal scheme of certification, specific to your products.

Voluntary Certificate of Conformity

4One receives Voluntary Certificate of Conformity on blue color form.

This document confirms the quality of goods. In contrast to the mandatory procedure, you can choose by which parameters to test the product.

Please note: if your product is in the category subject to mandatory certification, presence of Voluntary Certificate does not relieve you from obtaining a new document, this time on the yellow form.

An alternative to voluntary certification is exemption letter.  If you understand that a voluntary certificate for your product is not appropriate, it is relatively cheap and quick to draw an exemption letter. 

Common Schemes of Receiving Certificate 

Regardless of whether you want to get a voluntary or mandatory certificate, processing is performed within a particular scheme selected by the certification body.

The same scheme can be used for "yellow" and "blue" document.

  • Schemes 2 and 7 are the so-called certificates "on contract." Scheme 2 is suitable for a number of products which are imported in batches over a certain period of time. Scheme 7 differs in that it is not limited by time but by the amount of product. Time limitation or the amount is shown in the relevant contract.
  • Schemes 3 and 3a are for certificates "for mass production" or "for the manufacturer." Document is issued for a period of one to three years (depending on the test results, and other factors).
  • Scheme number 9 is a simplified certification for small consignments and even for a single product. To obtain a certificate of conformity of product according to Scheme 9 it is sufficient to produce a declaration of conformity and the documents confirming conformity of product to requirements determined for it (the certificate of ISO 9001, test reports, etc.). The tests are not carried out.

Please note that one can receive the certificate of conformity only in companies accredited in the ROSSTANDART system, usually after testing in a special laboratory.

Russian Certification Center "Certificate Consulting" has all necessary permissions. We’ll be happy to help you arrange the necessary documents!

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