Declaration of Conformity with Technical Regulations of Customs Union

On November 18, 2010 representatives of the countries of Customs Union (CU) signed the agreement "On Common Principles and Rules of Technical Regulation in the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russian Federation" which regulates the mandatory requirements for the products. These requirements are in the form of Technical Regulations (TR) and a single list of approved products for which they are adopted (the list approved by the Decision of the Commission of Customs Union on January 28, 2011 № 526).

Purpose of Receiving the Declaration

Declaration of Conformity with Technical Regulations of Customs Union (Customs Union Declaration / Declaration of Conformity of Customs Union / Declaration TR of CU) for products is a document issued to confirm the safety and quality of products and to organize the legal manufacture, sale and transportation of products. Declaration TR of CU, unlike GOST R declarations is valid on the territory of not only Russia but also in other countries of Customs Union - namely, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Declaration of Conformity of Customs Union has the same legal effect as a certificate of conformity. Difference of the declaration is that when the document is filled the information in it is not entered by the certifying authority bur by the declarant. It is the declarant’s responsibility for the information in the document.

Customs Union Declaration of Conformity is mandatory for those products that fall under the Technical Regulations of Customs Union, such as Technical Regulations “On Safety of Packaging”, Technical Regulations “On Safety of Products for Children and Teenagers”, Technical Regulations “On Safety of Toys”, Technical Regulations “On Safety of Perfumery and Cosmetic Products”, Technical Regulations "On Safety of Products of Light Industry” and others.

One can obtain Declaration of Conformity with TR of CU from the staff of an accredited certification body or center. To receive the declaration it is necessary to certify the safety of the product and its compliance with legal requirements and to provide the certification center with the following documents:

  • Application for certification procedures;
  • Full name of the product, its description;
  • Supply contract;
  • Other documents (it should be noted that prior to receiving the declaration of conformity for certain types of products you may need to obtain additional certification documents: certificate of state registration, fire certificate, veterinary certificate of security, etc.).

Useful Information

Only Applicants registered in the territory of Customs Union can certify and declare products in accordance with Technical Regulations of Customs Union.

Declaration TR of CU is valid for not more than five years.

Five Reasons to Come to “Certificate Consulting”:

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