Certification of Products

Russian Certification Center "Certificate Consulting" will have your products certified in accordance with Resolution of State Standards Authority of Russian Federation.

Product certification is the main line of work for our company. We helped get certificates issued for over 8,000 times. So you can certainly trust us. Our experts will conduct conformity assessment procedures and will issue a written confirmation of compliance with the requirements for your product. This document will be proof that your products are completely safe.

There are categories of products for which certification is required. For example, they are:

  • Clothing;
  • Furniture;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Perfume;
  • Spare parts and others

Certification of Clothing

For certification of clothing documents certifying the quality of the products (this can be a certificate or declaration) and test records are necessary.

Certification of Furniture

Most often for certification of household furniture voluntary certification is sufficient. For furniture intended for children, it is necessary to get a declaration of conformity but certificate of state registration is not required. For beds and cabinet furniture separate declarations of conformity are issued. Please send your application to the Russian Certification Center "Certificate Consulting" and we will answer to all your questions and help you get the necessary documents.

Certification of Alcoholic Beverages

To date, alcoholic products are subject to mandatory declaration of conformity (Russian Federation Government Resolution № 982 of 01.12.2009). Applicant or recipient of Declaration is responsible for the provided information in accordance with the relevant regulations (GOST (State Standards), SanPin (Sanitary Norms and Regulations), etc.).  A protocol is then issued according to test results. If results are positive, they serve as the basis for the issuance of documentation that confirms the safety of the alcoholic beverages. After receiving this document declaration is duly registered.

Certification of Cosmetics and Perfumery

Certification procedure for this group of goods is carried out in accordance with the system of Russian Federation’s GOST (State Standards). To obtain a certificate you’ll need to provide product samples at Russian Certification Center "Certificate Consulting" along with necessary documentation: the contract between manufacturer, supplier and importer, status documents, documents of safety and quality.

Certification of Spare Parts

Certification of spare parts includes not only automotive parts, but parts of industrial equipment and household appliances. More specifically, certification is required for all types of spare parts.

This type of product a voluntary certificate can also be issued. Voluntary certification procedure is almost identical to the mandatory.

You can have both voluntary or mandatory certificates and other necessary documents issued at our center.

If you have questions you can contact or leave an online application  on our website.

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