Exemption Letter

Exemption Letter (or Refusal Letter) is an official document that states that a certain product does fall under the category of products that are subject to mandatory certification in GOST R System.



There two types of exemption letters.

For submission to the customs authorities the text of Exemption Letter refers to the shipping document with which the products are imported into the territory of Russian Federation. For the sale of products in Russian Federation it establishes that the requested products can be attributed to a certain general type of products (in accordance with Russian Classification of Products) and the addressee of Exemption Letter is the head of the firm that sent the request. Exemption Letters are prepared by certifying bodies accredited by Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology; and they cat in accordance with “Procedure for Import of Products Subject to Mandatory Certification into the Territory of Russian Federation” and List of Products for which mandatory certification is required in order to be released into the customs territory of Russian Federation. 

Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology has adopted a list of products that may be released into the customs territory of Russian Federation without presentation of certificates of conformity with GOST R system:

Second-hand products; Products imported as spare parts for previously imported into the customs territory of Russian Federation certified finished products, subject to the submission of copies of certificates of conformity for previously imported finished above-mentioned products and to confirmation that such parts are used in the manufacture of finished products and are part of the design and documentation for the product and the obligation to use spare parts only to complete these finished products or for their maintenance and repair; Products imported as samples for testing for certification purposes; Products imported by individuals and not intended for industrial or commercial use (except for the import in excess of the cost and quantitative quotas); Products intended for the official use of foreign states and international intergovernmental organizations, as well as their staff.

Exemption Letter is needed to address issues of customs clearance of goods when there is divergence of opinion of the carrier and the customs in regards to the classification of imported goods.

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