Fire Safety Certificate

5 Fire Safety Certificate (fire certificate) is an official document confirming compliance of the product with standards of technical regulation in the area of fire safety. Standards for fire safety are set by the provisions of "Technical Regulations for Fire Safety Requirements» № 123-FZ of July 22, 2008 (effective May 1, 2009).

Fire Certificate is produced through issuance of a written certification attesting conformity of the object with fire safety (fire safety certificate), established in the relevant regulations. Fire safety is the state of security of persons, property, society and the state from fires. Russian legislation on fire safety is based on the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Legal and regulatory framework of conformity with fire safety requirements (for mandatory certification in the System) consists of legislative and other normative legal acts of Russian Federation, state standards, standards for fire safety, sanitary rules and regulations, building codes and rules, public service rules and other documents which in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation establish mandatory requirements for fire safety and product quality.

Fire safety certificate is required for the following product categories:

  • Fire protection devices and tools; fire equipment (fire barrels, foam generators, personal protective equipment, and so on);
  • Building materials (carpet, laminate, wallpaper, paint, tile, drywall, nail polish and so on);
  • Building constructions and products (e.g. MDF doors or MDF wall panels);
  • Fire-proof and explosion-proof electrical equipment (e.g. electrical cables sheathed with PVC).

 In order to determine whether the products are subject to mandatory certification or declaration of compliance with fire safety the following information may be needed:

  • Name of the product;
  • Scope of use of the product;
  • TN VED Code (Russian HS Code).

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