Declaration of Conformity with GOST R

Russian Certification Center “Certificate Consulting” will help you obtain Declaration of Conformity with GOST (State Standards) of Russian Federation in shortest time period.

Why Should You Declare?

Declaration of conformity is proof of quality of your products, a “permit” to receive trust of your customers. There are a lot of fake products now that is why it is important to have a declaration of conformity. The declaration has the same legal effect as a certificate of conformity from the manufacturer or seller of goods. In other words, this is an alternative option, confirming the reliability and high quality of your products.

There is an opinion that Russian declaration of conformity is perceived as an unreliable document. We assure you it is not true. And our customers can attest to this. This document is certified by official certification body. This attests that the product has passed all necessary tests and meets the quality standards adopted in Russian Federation.

Types of Declarations of Conformity in Russia?

These documents have much in common. The differences lie in the peculiarities of regulations adopted for specific types of equipment or products.

For more details on a declaration required for your products you can contact our specialists by phone. 

Standard List of Documents to Obtain Declaration

For mass-produced domestic products

  1. OGRN Certificate of State Registration, INN Certificate of Registration with the tax authority;
  2. Normative and technical documentation for manufactured products (technical regulations if the products are not produced according to GOST);
  3. Passport and/or operating instructions;
  4. Lease agreement for production space or proof of ownership;
  5. Application for declaration;

For Imported Products Supplied Under Contract

  1. Copy of the contract;
  2. Charter (the first three and the last pages);
  3. OGRN Certificate of State Registration, INN Certificate of Registration with the tax authority;
  4. Product description (composition, appearance, scope of use);
  5. Application.

Depending on the declared products list of documents may vary slightly.

How Declaration is Issued?

Preparation of documents for the declaration of conformity at Russian Certification Center “Certificate Consulting” is carried out in the shortest possible time. The obtained document is then valid for up to three years (depending on the specific product or service).

The procedure of declaration is similar to obtaining certification of the product: first laboratory tests are conducted, and then the declaration is issued.

Very often our customers come to Russian Certification Center “Certificate Consulting” for declaring products but in addition order a voluntary certificate as well. This trend is typical for large network distribution companies. And we help them.

If you have questions about a certificate or declaration of conformity, contact our specialists who are well versed in all matters of paperwork. You can also submit your application online and we will contact you to coordinate the details.

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