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Certification of non-standardized products in Russian Federation is carried out in accordance with core state standards to meet the requirements of state standards for similar products by purpose, duly adopted specifications and/or technical specifications. In the Certificate of Conformity, in Product Section, the following are indicated - the document on which products are manufactured: standards, specifications or technical descriptions. Regulatory framework for conformity in voluntary certification consists of standards for different categories, building codes, specifications and other technical documentation for products, works, services offered by the applicant.  When conducting sanitary-epidemiological evaluation of domestic products the main document is technical specifications required by Rospotrebnadzor (Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being).

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TU (TS – technical specifications) is a technical document that is designed by decision of the developer (manufacturer) or on request of the customer (consumer) of the products. Technical specifications (TS) are an integral part of a set of design or other technical documentation for the products; in the absence of such documentation TS should contain the full set of requirements for the product, its production, control and acceptance.  TS are developed for one specific product, material, substance or a few specific products, materials, substances, etc. Requirements established by TS should not conflict with the mandatory requirements of state (interstate) standards applicable to these products.   Technical specifications are a document that is prepared in full accordance with state standards and must comply with GOST 2.114-95 which states that TS should contain an introductory section and other sections arranged in the following order: technical requirements, safety requirements, environmental requirements, acceptance rules, methods of control, transportation and storage, operating instructions, the manufacturer's warranty.

Upon registration of the technical specification a seal is set on the title page of specifications and the catalogue sheet and they are marked by the registering organization. Registration and entry in the register is only carried out by the organization accredited by Gosstandart (State Standard - Federal Agency of Technical Regulation and Metrology).

Thus, enterprises whose industrial areas are situated, for example, in Ryazan region, must register their specifications only in Ryazan.

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