Mandatory Certification of Products

Under Russian law, certain categories of goods and services are subject to mandatory conformity standards of quality and safety standards.

List of such goods and services is strictly regulated. You can access it on the government website.

Obligatory confirmation has two forms: mandatory certification and declaration.

The most important category is products that fall into the list for mandatory certification. This procedure is designed to act as a guarantor of quality and safety for certified products and services.

Products that pass the mandatory certification are marked with a special mark of conformity. You can find it on the packaging or in the accompanying documents.

Standards and rules for mandatory certification are regulated by legislative acts of the Russian Federation: laws, state standards, sanitary regulations, safety standards, etc.

Products’ testing is conducted by an independent body with appropriate technical accreditation; this way observance of uniform certification standards is guaranteed.

Russian Certification Center "Certificate Consulting" issues mandatory certificates since 2003. We have all the necessary permits and extensive experience in conducting tests. Working with our company, you will get the required documents on time and at a reasonable price.

Processing of Mandatory Certification

There are two main forms of mandatory certification:

1.  Mandatory certification itself.

Mandatory product certification is required for introduction of such a product to the market and participation in foreign trade activities. Goods will go through customs if they don’t have all the necessary documents proving their quality and safety.

Mandatory certification is carried out by a special body and confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity.

2. Declaration of conformity.

Declaration of conformity is also governed by the laws of Russian Federation. This procedure is carried out directly by the manufacturer or supplier of the goods through arranging for Declaration of Conformity in accordance with certain standards. This document must be registered with the certification body (authority).

Declaration of Conformity is faster and cheaper option to undergo a mandatory certification for non-hazardous product categories.

Requirements for Declaration and Certificate of Conformity are established by law.

Alternative Paperwork for Products

If your product is not included in the list for mandatory certification you will have another document issued to go through customs clearance – exemption letter (or refusal letter) . This letter confirms that mandatory certification for this product is not necessary.

In certain cases, the mandatory certification of products can be replaced by voluntary certification.

Employees of Russian Certification Center "Certificate Consulting" will help you understand the nuances of paperwork and prepare the necessary document in timely manner. Just leave your application on our website, contact our office or call us.

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