Voluntary Certification

In today's world the number of counterfeit products is truly enormous.  Clandestine manufacturers attack markets and offer cheap and substandard goods without certification.  Trust of customers is rapidly falling, and a quality product is lost among the plethora of competitors.

Why Does One Need Voluntary Certificate?

One of the ways to declare your presence seriously in the market and immediately win the trust of a buyer is to apply for voluntary certificate.  Presence of this document is the proof of high quality of your products, and this alone can significantly increase demand for it.

Voluntary certification proves that the quality of your product is consistent with the standards and requirements that the applicant has determined in accordance with the current state standards, specifications and accepted set of rules.

It should be noted that in today's market customers appreciate the presence of such a document.  It can be published on the official website of the company; a copy of the certificate is placed in each box with the product.  Voluntary certificates of conformity of product quality decorate meeting rooms in the offices.  This document can be safely used in advertising; it will significantly increase the interest and confidence in your product.

Practice shows that very often the major retailers before purchasing certain items enquire about a document that provee the quality of the product.  Its seller’s image and reputation in the market that these retailers appreciate most.

When Voluntary Certificate is Not Issued?

Voluntary certificate is not issued if the product is subject to mandatory Declaration of Conformity under the legislation of Russian Federation or Customs Union.

Beware! Voluntary certificate cannot serve as a basis for the release of the products from customs territory.

Russian Certification Center "Certificate Consulting" will have Voluntary Certificate issued for any type of product in accordance with your request. The Center specializes in the processing of papers to obtain certificates, including voluntary certificates, since 2002. Since then, we have processed more than 8,000 certificates!

Voluntary certification system along with other existing systems is governed by the laws of Russian Federation. Professional lawyers of "Certificate Consulting" will prepare all the necessary documents while you attend to your business.

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